Q. Is your moss fresh/living, or dried?

A. All of our mosses are available Fresh, Preserved in their Natural color, or Dyed. Our Fresh Spanish Moss is responsibly harvested and packaged at our Florida location and shipped directly to you. Our Fresh Sheet, Mood, Reindeer, and Shag mosses are all responsibly harvested, packed and shipped from either our North Carolina or Kentucky locations. All Preserved and Dyed mosses will ship from our Florida warehouse.

Q. What are your terms and conditions?

A. Terms are Net 30; We accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, check, cashier’s check, or money order. There will be a $30.00 charge for any NSF (insufficient funds) checks.

Products are shipped F.O.B. from either our Florida, North Carolina, or Kentucky warehouses.

Limited Product Liability:

To the extent of the purchase price, we warrant that the product is as invoiced. No other warranty either expressed or implied including warranties of salability or fitness for a particular purpose is extended.


If you experience any quality problems with our products upon arrival, you must contact us within 24 hours of delivery. Emailing us at [email protected] is the preferred method for a speedy response and resolution to your concerns.

*Pictures are required when filing a quality related claim. We have no control over the product once it leaves our warehouse, and we are not responsible for damage incurred during shipping or due to delays. Please immediately inspect and note on the shipping documents any damage incurred. Most carriers will only honor claims noted on shipping documents.

Collections: All balances over 90 days old may be sent to a collection agency. A collection charge of 33% of your outstanding balance will be charged.


Sales Tax will be charged on all Florida orders, unless a current Florida Sales Tax Certificate is on file with us.

Care and Handling Instructions for Fresh Mosses

Our Fresh Mosses (Spanish, Sheet, Mood, Shag and Reindeer) are LIVE plant material, and should be opened immediately or soon after delivery. At the very least, please separate all boxes that are wrapped together, and make sure that all ‘breathing’ holes in boxes are punched open.

Store boxes loose-stacked, leaving room between each box for the moss to breathe, or remove moss from boxes and store loosely packed in any other breathable container; wire racks and dairy crates work very well!

Care and Handling Instructions for Preserved and Dyed Mosses

Eco-Friendly Uses, Benefits and Fun Facts!

Mosses, including fresh Spanish, Sheet, Reindeer, Mood and Shag mosses, can prepare natural environments for the re-growth of numerous other plant species, aid in soil development, drainage, moisture retention, and germination of vascular plant seeds.

*Native restoration projects often emphasize the incorporation and benefits of mosses;

Mosses have no cuticle and absorb water quickly means that they offer water filtration solutions for controlling storm water; Instead of water rushing through vegetation, mosses absorb water through their leaves slowing the flow and allowing rain to reach the groundwater table gradually.

Erosion Control

Moss instead of mulch offers better water filtration for thirsty vascular trees and plants while still providing a desirable insulating factor.

Unlike bark mulches and pine needles, mosses won’t have to be replaced each season,

There are many environmental advantages to using Mosses for ground cover over grasses.

Moss Lawns Vs. Grass Lawns
*Mosses require no chemicals typically used to maintain grass such as fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.

*That means no groundwater contamination.

*Fossil-fuel lawnmowers have no emission controls so pollution is significant

*Just one hour of mowing with a gas-powered mower can equal 43 hours of driving around in a vehicle.

Moss for Terrariums and Reptile Habitats

Once watered thoroughly, the micro-landscape of an enclosed moss terrarium requires next to nothing other than adequate light to keep it flourishing – even for months on end without watering. The moisture in the terrarium recyles as water vapor, returning regular moisture to the terrarium moss.

Moss is also the ideal companion plant for pet reptiles or amphibians.