MossMan, Inc., is a family-owned and operated business, established in 1992 by the “Mossman” himself, Rich Seldner. From our humble beginnings in a garage in Florida, to today’s MossMan with warehouses in Florida, North Carolina and Kentucky, MossMan, Inc., has never lost sight of our founder’s commitment to providing honest, reliable, high quality products and service to our customers- who now extend all over the United States, Canada, and beyond- at competitive wholesale prices.

We have continued this tradition of excellency in product quality, product sourcing, and ethical business practices with every new product we have added throughout the years; Our product line now includes Spanish Moss  (link to Fresh page listing for Spanish), Sheet Moss (link to Fresh page listing for Sheet Moss), Reindeer Moss (link to dyed reindeer listing)  Mood Moss (link to fresh page listing for mood), and Shag Moss (link to fresh page shag listing), as well as select Specialty (link to Specialty page) and Seasonal Products including our Transparent Dyed Oak Leaves (link to dyed oak leaves listing on specialty page), Lotus Pods (link to listing), and Lichen (link).

All of our products are picked and packaged in the United States, except any Specialty Product which is specifically noted to be sourced elsewhere. We always source responsibly harvested mosses, and send only the freshest, cleanest, prettiest product to you.

Our customers include many of the country’s largest wholesale and franchise operations, as well as silk tree and floral supply manufacturers, interiorscapers, garden centers, landscapers, floral designers and craft chains. As the world continues to explore and harness the power and benefits of plants, both indoors and out, MossMan, Inc looks forward to building sustainable partnerships with businesses and consumers alike for a Green Future!