Fern Leaf

Large leaf ferns, great to add volume and texture to any display! 10 pieces per pack


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Cotton Stems

Cotton stems, perfect for adding a rustic touch to any arrangement! 10 pieces per pack.


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Color Rainbow of Amaranth. Velvety soft suspended waterfall of tiny seeds in vibrant colors.

Preserved Amaranthus

A suspended waterfall of velvety red seeds of luxury and interest. We are pleased to bring you this gem as a showstopper in color and form for years to come.  Available  in Unbleached White, Peach, Chartreuse, Mint, Basil, Blue, Neptune, Red and Burgundy


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Spring Green cascade of hanging rice

Hanging Rice

Preserved rice in a cascade of color to drape your display with dimension and an illusion of movement.  Perfect for your floral display, crafts and terrarium.  Sold in a 4 oz bunch.


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Green Bunch

These green bunches are great for making your projects POP!


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Bear Tail Grass

Bear tail grass is a fantastic element to add your pieces a vertical wispy dimension! Preserved in our trademark coloration procedure!


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Asparagus Leaf

Asparagus leaf, like Bear Tail Grass, is another offering we provide to add that vertical dimension! This is much fuller and will provide stronger standalone definition in your displays! Preserved through our trademark coloration procedure, so these will last for many years!


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Eucalyptus Leaf Bunch

Our eucalyptus leaf bunches spruce up any natural display with leafy volume and natural texture!

Available in dark green and bleached.

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