A new customer stops by the warehouse!

We received this email from a new customer:

“Hi! I have a pet shop in NC and a tropical plant greenhouse in FL, and I travel back and forth several times a month. When I do I pass by the “Mossman Inc” warehouse on HWY 301. After many trips late at night or at odd hours, I rode by as a gentleman was placing out the most beautiful moss to dry out in front of the shop. I made a U-turn and came back, the employees there were fantastic and VERY welcoming to this stranger who just happened to stop by unannounced.

They gave me a full tour and BLEW my mind. I was like a kid in a candy shop, they gave me some samples of different mosses and told me to email or call. This was all SEVERAL months ago and now I am ready for some MOSS!! I’d be interested in some retail packaged deer foot and reindeer moss, as well as some of the sheet moss. I would likely be wanting a pretty wide assortment for my first order, as we currently have very minimal moss options for our customers.”



Well, Bradley we’re so happy to have you as a customer and we made sure to give him a very diverse selection!

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