Long Leaf Sphagnum Moss

We also offer Long Leaf Sphagnum Moss, a delightful addition to any home garden or decorative topiary. Can be used to line hanging baskets.


1 cu. ft box
3.5 cu. ft bale

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Oak Panels

12" x 24" Oak Panels, sustainably harvested from cork oak trees. Can easily be cut or drilled to add plants. These panels would make a great addition to any installation or craft project.


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Sustainable Harvesting Practices

Fern Leaf

Large leaf ferns, great to add volume and texture to any display! 10 pieces per pack


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Cotton Stems

Cotton stems, perfect for adding a rustic touch to any arrangement! 10 pieces per pack.


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Lavender Bushel

Dried lavender, perfect for any arrangement!


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Hanging Rice Bushel

Hanging rice is a great element to add when you want to give a cascading dimension to your displays!


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Green Bunch

These green bunches are great for making your projects POP!


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